HDI BiDuctor

A 2-in-1 machine

Optimized duty cycle

Power mix (11 - 11 kW)

2x Input Power 11kw + 11kW - 16A
Electrical connection IEC60309

400V/3PH+T 50

Working frequency 15-30 Khz

Degree of protection IP21

2x Hydraulic heat exchanger with fan

2 tank x20lt
Liquid cooling system

200 KG

850x920x1430h mm

1000x1000x1580h mm

Its added value consists in the possibility of carrying out two different operations at the same time. The two 7″ Touch Control panels allow the user to set all the functions of the two machines, keeping them separate.
Possibility to choose any mix of powers (kW) of the two machines within the BiDuctor.

Ideal for workshops or industries requiring high-end heat levels. The HDi BiDuctor heat inductors are ideal for a wide range of applications such as: helps removing blocked bolts / nuts, unbolting and replacement of pins or bearings, preheating before welding, bending, heat treatment, shrink-fitting, hardening, annealing, etc.
Design: portable self-contained trolley.

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Unique benefits:



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Higher safety

Easy to carry