Heat Sensor iRT

The iRT heat sensor is ideal for targeted heating. It is equipped with integrated laser electronics in the head that detects temperatures from -30°C to 1000°C on metals, oxides and ceramics.
Its laser cross-pointing system offers reliable and precise adjustment of the measuring range even when conditions are difficult, for example when there is heat transfer.

Pedal switch

The Pedal Switch is very functional for operations requiring a long dispensing time, as it allows the machine to run continuously as long as it is pressed.

Inductor Head Handle

In order to make it easier to grip the handpiece, AIT offers an additional Inductor head handle as an option.
This can be integrated into machines in the “Heavy Duty” range, which have a power rating of between 11 and 18 kW, as they have a heavier handpiece to use over a longer period of time.
Machines with a power rating of 21kW or more incorporate this inductor head handle as standard.

Smart Heating Switch

The integrated Smart Heating Switch is ideal for those who desire automation.
Once switched on, it allows the machine to deliver heat flow continuously, without the need to hold down the standard delivery button on the handpiece.

WI/FI - Wlan Direct Connect

The integration of Wi-Fi on our induction machines helps industry to move into the digital world, transforming it into 4.0.
This optional allows the user to have the machine always as hand, controlling all its functional parameters, printing reports of work cycles and diagnosing any faults even remotely.

Display - LCD

Thanks to the digital interface, the liquid crystal display (LCD) facilitates better communication with the machine.
It allows the user to select the desired heat output levels and to keep the coolant temperature under control at all times.



The timer meets the need for those operations that require a precise heating time.
Once set for the desired induction period, the machine will deliver heat continuously until it is finished.
This option prevents overheating of the material.


The trolleys are easy to handle thanks to their four wheels, making it possible to transport smaller machines wherever they are needed.
The two trays underneath are very functional for storing various machine accessories or work tools.

ART. THA05 – 255x420x710h mm
Available for:

ART. THA04 – 490x360x780h mm
Available for:

Customized wooden pallet & carton packaging

AIT takes care of every detail and considers it essential that the transport of products from the company to the customer takes place in absolute safety.
For this reason, all our machines are packed in very strong cardboard boxes and then placed on special wooden pallets that guarantee a stable base during transport.

Coolant Fluid

The COOLANT FLUID LRA is a coolant for induction heating circuits, cooling systems and scientific instrumentation.
Thanks to its formulation allows working at temperatures from -20 ° C to + 120 ° C as a protective and permanent antifreeze mixture with very low conductivity.